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José Rossy Percussionist Extraordinaire

José is on the road with Patti LaBelle  on a 2015/16 USA/Europe Tour.


José's percussion talent has enabled him to listen to any music and allow him to paint a 
picture on a picture, mixing melodies on pallets from Latin, ethnic percussion to orchestra
percussion like timpani, all mallet instruments as well as electronic percussion.
With a lifetime of studying percussion instruments from throughout the world, and a
Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, José brings to the table possibilities  both effective and creative.

José definitely makes a statement when playing, his vibrant percussion style 
adds color and mystery to any kind of music he is playing. He believes that the way to play with others is to react to what he hears.
Listening is the one and only important think when adding colors to a Musical piece.
He hears a musical phrase and react by playing the first thing he feels that would complement, enhance and continue the statement that it’s been created
by the sounds. ( Musical piece ).

On stage he displays an artistic freedom of motion and beauty. 
José is a dance using his whole body for a music work out.
José lives and breathes percussion, to hear him play is like a breath of fresh air. 
To learn more about José Rossy, you are welcome to go through this website; 
you will find a man of inspiration, creativity, and experience who enhances any style of music.